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Dry Needling

We are excited to announce that three of our Podiatrists recently attended a dry needling course on the 9th & 10th  of September.
It was a fantastic opportunity for them to advance their skills and to provide a new service to the practice

What is Dry Needling

A thin filament needle is inserted into the soft tissue “trigger points” to stimulate healing.  Dry needling can reduce pain, improve muscle function and decrease muscle tension. This is achieved by inserting the sterile needle into the myofascial trigger points (knot) which stimulates a sensory response. Sometimes a physical twitch response is achieved. 

What to Expect

Does it hurt, is a question commonly asked by our patients. In most cases the needle is not felt entering the skin or muscle. If a twitch response is elicited  brief contraction can be triggered however, is most cases a dull ache is experienced.

How much will it cost ?

You will need a full consultation for needling 30-50 Minutes, these appointments will need to be booked in so that you have time to relax.
F012 $ 69.50 at each Dry Needling appointment.
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